Courts, Defendants, Probation Officers – everyone involved is consistently impressed with JCS technology.

Our proprietary ProbationTracker™ software is versatile to meet almost any of your court’s needs. Document creation is quick, easy, and accurate for any court. This helps our officers focus on case management for the court, rather than spending minutes or even hours generating standard documents.  More face time with offenders & less computer time is what successfully closes cases.  ProbationTracker means more face time.

Successful completions in your jurisdiction will be also augmented by our Early Alert System. This system tracks missed appointments, arrests, court ordered programs, expiration dates, and other factors and notifies Probation Officers and supervisors of compliance issues. This allows for productive early intervention to keep defendants on track for a successful completion. Members of the court and other approved organizations will also have 24/7 access to run these reports themselves.

Our in-house Information Technology department is dedicated to your needs and incessantly works to improve the efficiency of Probation Tracker.