“We are now collecting more than 90% of our fines, and I see far fewer return visits from those I sentence to probation.”

– Judge, Georgia Municipality

“JCS has provided great cooperation with the County to cut these overhead costs that have been growing…It’s everyone’s goal not to have to build more jails. That and these high costs of keeping someone in jail are a big drain on county resources that can be better used elsewhere.”

– Former Director of Corrections, Large Florida State Court

“JCS has improved our court operations greatly with their professionalism and by the amount of monies collected.”

–Court Clerk, Large Municipal Court

“Since 2000 [our court] has utilized Judicial Correction Services to provide supervised probation and defendant services. As a result, our court has seen an increase in fine collections. We’ve also seen a reduction in the number of warrants issued for failing to comply with the court orders as well as warrants for failing to pay fines.

Judicial Correction Services provides the city and defendants with a host of services beyond simple collection of fines. They have been instrumental in assisting defendants with employment assistance, agency referrals and guidance for successful completion of sentences. Our Court Clerk and Magistrates enjoy a close working relationship with JCS staff that we value very much.

Based on our experiences and my observation of JCS’ staff commitment and professionalism I would not hesitate to recommend them for service to other Alabama municipal courts”

– Municipal Judge, Large Alabama Municipal Court

“[My Probation Officer] is an upfront, honest and no bull type of individual, which I respect and has instilled a healthy fear of messing up while on probation, but he also made me feel instantly comfortable with opening up to him. When I was on probation before, I was always petrified going in for my monthly check up, even though I was doing nothing wrong, I just didn’t trust any P.O. But, like I said, I don’t have that this time. I feel confident and secure in my sobriety, and a large part of that is because my P.O. seems to like his job.”

– JCS Probationer, Central Florida

“We have had Judicial Correction Services, Inc. collecting fines since April 2010. Their representatives have worked closely with the court system. We have managed to increase our collections because they are on a one on one relationship with the defendants. This also allows my other clerks to [spend] more time on other matters for the court. Judicial Correction Services has professional employees that take their job seriously. Heather, our representative, works closely with the defendants to help them fulfill their obligation to the court. I highly recommend using their services.”

– Deputy Court Clerk, Mississippi Municipal Court