The Numbers

Open Beyond the Standard 9-5

Defendants have jobs and lives too. This is why JCS endeavors to provide supervision with hours that are convenient for all. 100% of our offices are open beyond the standard “9 to 5” workday with many offices closing as late as 7PM one or more days a week.

Some offices are also open for reporting on selected Saturdays each month; many classes are available over the weekend. Court calendars are also kept in mind and your local office will be open and available for prompt responses during normal court hours.  And of course, if court is in session – your JCS staff is in attendance.

Education Comparison

Nearly every JCS officer is a college graduate and we encourage our officers to pursue higher education. JCS also values the benefits of military and law enforcement experience and training and selects from a diverse pool of candidates. Nearly all of our employees have accomplished one of these three benchmarks.

In addition, every officer goes through company and office level training upon hire. Training that exceeds the state requirements.  Further, each officer receives a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education annually.

Topics covered include:  Trends in Supervision, Ethics, Courtroom Testimony, Report Writing and other topical material.

24/7 Access to ReportsTechnology

Your court will have access to over 41 reports on-line and upon request.  These reports are just a few clicks away at any time. In addition, you can search for specific defendants or click on any name from the reports to view a full case file on the defendant.

Each week our officers upload over 13,000 electronic documents to the Probation Tracker system.  Want to see an individual offender’s receipt? It’s there.  A case load collections summary- It’s there.  Appointment notes for a case now in warrant status- Yes, it is right there.  In fact, each time a JCS Officer prints a letter to a defendant, case summary, conditions of probation, or even a single receipt it is stored as a PDF for auditing and review purposes. And all this is available to you with a click of your mouse.

100's of Community Partners

We have hundreds of documents for probationers uploaded, from treatment providers to community service partners. Each time a certificate of completion or other documentation is provided a copy automatically is permanently posted in the defendant’s case file.


Over 90 courts have transitioned from a government or private provider to JCS. Another 95 courts have chosen JCS to initiate probation for their jurisdiction. This combines for a total of over 185 courts served by JCS.

JCS has facilitated over 1,212,601 hours of community service, provided guidance to 35,000 through programs such as anger management and restorative justice, and has directed defendants to the successful completion of another 51,000 court ordered programs.

100’s of community partners have come to work with and trust JCS offices including: One Stop Career Center, Metropol, Second Harvest Food Bank, Osceola County Domestic Violence Task Force, Stockton-Linquist House Foundation, Tomoka State Park, Goodwill, Walking on Sunshine Drug Free Youth Thrift Store, Pacesetter Personnel, GMCPAC, Salvation Army, Okaloosa County Public Safety Coordinating Council, Florida Agricultural Museum, Volusia County Council on Aging, Halifax Habitat for Humanity, Blue Springs Park, and countless local animal shelters, homeless support agencies and other community based programs.

The JCS executive team holds a combined 50+years of probation experience , 70+ years of law enforcement experience, , and over 80+ years of management experience.