For the Community

For the CommunityWhy do I want Judicial Correction Services in My Community?

Your Tax Dollars

Supervision is completely offender-funded. This means your tax dollars are not going to support the probation office. Our practices have been shown to reduce jail populations, further saving local government correction and court budgets. In addition, court collections have increased in every community that has made the transition to JCS. This helps the court to fund itself.

Creating jobs in your community.

JCS hires locally, pays above industry standards, and promotes from within. Our local officers and managers enjoy great autonomy and each office is very different, based on the needs of the community. The corporate staff works for you as a support team.

Your Safety

Probation offers a conditional liberty, actively monitored by Probation Officers to offenders. We offer a number of different levels of supervision including electronic monitoring, drug testing, and classes based on cognitive-behavioral therapy when the situation is needed. Our goal is to reduce recidivism through our supervision and programs to keep the community continually safe. Officers take an active interest in managing and assisting offenders and are trained in communication and conflict-management skills. It is understood that in some cases, good intentions are not enough. Luckily our exceptional technology and training keep things in order. Our practices include an early alert system that lets the probation officers know when an offender is at risk for failing to comply with requirements.

Your Community Improvements

Over 1.2 million hours of community service have been completed by probationers under the supervision of our officers. JCS also develops partnerships with local public safety and non-profit organizations. Additional events JCS brings to local offices are often shared with other local organizations or are open to the entire community. Examples include resource and employment fairs, financial management and bicycle safety classes, and even a free continual GED program in one of our Florida offices.

Someone You Know Might Be on Probation

Officers are trained to consider, “is this how I would want my family to be treated if they were on the other side of the desk?” Defendants are given the guidance they need to successfully complete their requirements, and sometimes this may seem strict, but JCS officers are trained to be respectful and fair to each person that comes in for probation.

You may also wonder how offenders can afford fund their supervision. Supervision fees are determined by the local government and are set to be as affordable as possible. We do provide assistance for some offenders who are able to prove extreme indigence. Moreover, we have found that in the long run, supervised probation is less expensive than unsupervised probation. Typically more than half of the cases on unsupervised probation, the offender will fail to complete the orders of the court. This generally results in negative events such as jail sentences, loss of driving privileges, vehicle impoundment, loss of employment, and domestic problems.  Recovering from these troubles is extremely expensive. For example, reinstatement of driving privileges can cost $275 or more.   In short, it is generally less expensive to be supervised and complete a sentence then attempt to self-manage and wind up with the mandatory additional sanctions.  This is a paradox of sorts, but one that favors the defendant.   Under supervision, our successful termination rate is in the 70%-90% range.